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The WSC 2016 from Woodland Hills, CA April 24 – 30, 2016 Conference overview sheet link here

wsc 2016
Pre conference events April 22 – 24.

World Service office of NA
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Conference event center

Pre conference events have taken place at the WSC 2016 as the participants move into business starting Sunday April 24. Events on Saturday included world board question and answer as well as a tour of the office, round table workshops, history of NA, local group speaker meeting and world market  featuring merchandise from around the world of NA.

Sunday April 24, 2016

Sunday started with orientation at the conference for navigating the upcoming week and informing the delegates what the changes will be for old and new business and some discussion groups also took place before lunch on moving forward with a vision of a zonal represented conference, or any new ideas that might have been brought. The conference is now voting electronically which is a change from the previous voting which had been done by several methods of the members choosing including voice votes, and standing roll call voting.  The conference participant can choose a key pad on a voting device which will record their presence without having to announce roll call and will also record several options to vote. The options are yes, no, present not voting and abstain.IMG_6129

The conference will also decide several new options for the business sessions on voting which relates to how members are added to the discussion Que, and will also randomly be chosen instead of taking the first person to raise their card to speak. The intent of this is to hear from the minority after straw polls are conducted and decide on moving forward or not for decisions. These procedures and others will all be voted on in the old business session on how to conduct business as well as all the old original motions from the CAR.

Monday April 25th 2016

Region voting card

Old business began Monday morning at 9am with a mos followed by the serenity prayer. Prior to the opening session the conference sang happy birthday to the Upper Rocky Mountain AD who celebrated 18 years at the conference.  The business session started slow as new voting procedures were introduced and practiced. A consensus is attempted to be reached with all the motions from the CAR before formal business is conducted. Each motion was presented to the body and straw polls taken to determine the will of the body and if any changes or revisions were needed before moving in to the formal business session.

Discussion lasted much of the day on Monday and the delegates returned to their rooms approximately 12:45 am without voting in the formal business session and will return Tuesday morning to finalize old business for 2016. IMG_6141A unanimous decision is expected for the Traditions book, and Motion 2 could either be split or approved as one piece. Motion 3 has strong support and motion 4 has limited support to pass. Motion 5 has limited support and motion 6 is split between the conference at this time. Motion 7 is also split and motions 8 – 10 have limited support. Motion 11 is split between the conference and motions 12 – 14 don’ t have much support at this time of passing.


Tuesday April 26th 2016

Old business continued through the day on Tuesday and the formal business session started at 9am. Minutes were approved as well as the new procedures for business adapted specifically for this conference which included more consensus based decision making instead of the Roberts Rules of order typically used. Motion one was approved at approximately 10am in the morning which provided the fellowship with a Traditions Workbook. The changes to the World Board guidelines were adopted and split three ways and each approved separately by the body. Motions 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 11 failed and motions 9 & 10 died for lack of a second. Motion 12 originally failed by one vote, and was asked by the body to reconsider at which time passed on the second vote. Motions 13 & 14 also failed and new business was completed at 6pm. After dinner the Human Resource Panel reported to the body the methods they used to submit candidates for elections and the session ended around 9pm.

Wednesday April 27th 2016

The length of old business changed the schedule for the conference so the morning session was revised to a moving forward with the conference discussion given by the World Board specifically regarding zonal representation.

Conference expenses
Conference expenses

The body was slow to decide on questions given and some hadn’t had the conversations with their regions which direction to move forward on the issue. The board attempted to frame topics for future sessions and discussion on the issue and approximately 60% of the regions wanted another option besides zonal representation.

Zone polls
Zone polls

The next session was the FIPT discussion given by the office executive. Asked for solutions to groups that use illicit literature since law suits are not working and the judge asked the  fellowship to work together on the issue. The other two topics were registering groups that use illicit literature and service committees posting recovery literature. IMG_6151The body asked for solutions to these and affirmed the statements originally issued about copyright literature, not to publish groups that hold these meetings with this literature and to asked ISP’s to dissolve web sites for Regions/Areas that publish recovery material on their sites.

Illicit Lit
Illicit Lit
Convention loss
Convention 38 middle east
Cree 12 Steps

For lunch the participants enjoyed some time in the park for a break, and returned for a 6pm session on the NAWS report. WCNA did not do well in Rio mostly due to the volatile currency markets at the time. WCNA 38 in 2021 is planned near or in Iran  since the their fellowship currently has the most meetings in the world in excess at this time of 20,000. Reports were also given from the World Board on policies relating to the way the board functions and part of the work they regularly accomplish and translations efforts.

At 9pm the zones met with their delegates for discussions and reports. The RMZF had a visitor from North Dakota interested in our zone and also how we do business since they could possibly relate to the issues our zone faces. The zone also finalized the agenda for the summer meeting and returned to their rooms around 10:30.
Thursday April 28th 2016

Workshops, elections budget and more workshops. The Thursday session began at 9am and in the first breakout session on this topic, participants will discuss the possible options selected in the Wednesday morning polls: (1) No change in representation, but other changes; (2) Zonal seating, (3) Some other basis for change in representation. Tables in the breakout rooms will be identified with these options, so participants can choose to discuss the option they see as most viable for the future. We will not make any decisions in these sessions; we will work together to frame discussions for the fellowship.

The next session the board offered a revised and abbreviated update about fellowship development and public relations activities during the last Conference cycle. PR and FD go hand in hand to support our members, groups, and service bodies develop relationships to help addicts find NA and to grow our fellowship.

After lunch it was elections and budget and then back to break out sessions later in the afternoon.  Participants had some discussion about the issues we reported on and polled Wednesday morning. They were asked for input about what you think NAWS can or should do about registering groups, service bodies that post literature online, and the distribution of illicit literature.

The final sessions is as follows. We’ll close the day with the last of the three Future of the WSC sessions. Our focus in this session is how to frame the ideas from the last session so that you can bring them back to your regions and they can be easily discussed by the Fellowship.

Friday April 29th 2016

Friday began with approximately 60 new motions/proposals at  9am with the delegates in the risers for the business session. The WB had 6 project plans passed including Recovery literature, Service Tools, Collaboration in Service, Future of the WSC,  Fellowship Development and PR, and Social Media as a PR Tool. The 2016-2018 budget was passed and Grande Sao Paulo, HOW, and Rio De Jeneiro Regions from Brazil were approved to be seated at the conference. Bluegrass/Appalachian Region failed to be seated, as well as Brazil Nordeste, and Rio Grand do Sul Regions from Brazil.

WB also introduced new language for GWS for terminology used for straw polling which passed, and to adopt the approaches that were used in old business for decision sessions which also passed. Quite a few regional proposals were introduced that did not pass in new business and the body motioned to adjourn at approximately 12:30 am on Saturday morning. Several new items still needed to be presented but closing of business dissolved discussion on these items.

Saturday April 30th 2016

Saturday began at 9am with the participants in the risers believing that they would continue with new business that was not discussed the night before. The facilitators let the body know that business had been adjourned and that no new business would be discussed. The body addressed how to proceed with items from the FIPT that were discussed at the Wednesday session and held lunch to recognize participants. The body did return to a two hour session to discuss some new business in an informal session which allowed the WB to hear from the regions on some additional ideas about moving forward and the conference officially ended at approximately 4pm.

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  1. That’s great we have a new book length piece. Congratulations to the work group and the fellowship. A little surprised by the loss of the WCNA in Rio, and looking forward to Orlando in 2018 and possibly the middle east in 2021. Keep the updates coming.

  2. It appears that an effort will go out to groups, areas and regions to remove literature links from their web pages as well as encourage groups who use illicit literature to not be added to the area and regional web site links. It will be interesting to hear what actions the fellowship will take

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